Neville/PAC fantasy booking

As you may have heard, the wrestler once known as Neville, who worked as PAC on the indies, is now reportedly freed from his WWE contract. Here’s how I’d book his next 4+ months, plus a laundry list of his 2019 opponents.

Also, Jon points out that there are two potential pot-holes in my plan. I’d hope that his contract doesn’t have him waiting months to debut somewhere (if so, 1/5…) and I doubt after being a cruiser that he’d start as a Junior anywhere.

UPDATE: a new report says Neville is free to work everywhere!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.48.57 PM.png

9/1: PAC wins the All In Battle Royal, grabs the mic, and declares: “That will be the last pre-show match I ever have.” Then a mystery “someone” screws him out of the win against Jay Lethal.

9/14: PAC replaces the injured Travis Banks at BOLA, makes it to the finals, doesn’t win, doesn’t get pinned. Builds the hype.

9/15: A mysterious promo airs at NJPW Destruction, teasing a new arrival.

9/30: Answering that mystery, PAC debuts for NJPW at Long Beach. Beats ZSJ, but the two show respect at the end of the match.

10/4: At an Impact press conference, Callis reveals that PAC to face Aries at BFG for the title. “The rematch that New York doesn’t want to happen.┬áThis match was too good for the preshow, and Impact’s going to be the place where these two own the show, in the main event, where it belongs.”

10/14: In a MOTY candidate, PAC beats Aries at Bound For Glory, wins the Impact title, carries it everywhere.

11/3: At Power Struggle, after ZSJ/MiSu welcome PAC to Suzuki Gun, it’s revealed that Jay White was the masked assailant who screwed him at All In.

1/4: PAC vs Switchblade at WK 2019

Going forward, Neville is mostly NJPW, but will appear on Impact PPVs until he drops the belt after they make jokes that he’s the Brock Lesnar of Impact. Also does The Crash, WOS and RevPro. He shows up anywhere decent that doesn’t have a working relationship with WWE.

Further on:

vs Kushida at Dominion 2019.

Wins G1 2020.

vs Kota for the title at WK 2020.

vs WALTER in RevPro

vs Bandido in AAA

vs Okada at WrestleCon

vs Omega at MSG

vs Ostrich at WOS

vs Flamita at The Crash

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