Watch This Wrestling 8 (2/24 — 3/2)

Greetings folks, before we get into the week that was in pro wrestling, I just wanted to explain what goes into an average WTW. Since I can’t give an award to something from every show, and not all of them deserve one, I thought a list of everything I watched this week would be worth writing out.

Wrestling I watched

  • Evolve 78, 2/24
  • Evolve 79, 2/25 (attended live)
  • NJPW/ROH: Honor Rising 2017 Night 1, 2/26
  • NJPW/ROH: Honor Rising 2017 Night 2, 2/27
  • ROH Wrestling, 2/27
  • WWE Monday Night Raw, 2/27
  • WWE SmackDown Live, 2/28
  • WWE NXT, 3/1
  • Impact Wrestling, 3/2

Also, there’s the whole matter of the changing tides in the world. With all of the nonsense going on in Impact (House Hardy, Drew Galloway, Jade, Maria Kanelis, and Mike Bennett all leaving while a handful of people showed up), I don’t know how long that show will stay in my watch list. But before I move onto the next week’s topics, here’s my watch list for next week. Let me know if I missed anything I can catch:

My Wrestling Watch List

  • Progress Wrestling Ch. 44: Old Man Yells At Sky, finally went on-demand on 3/3
  • Ring of Honor: Manhattan Mayhem VI, ¾ (attended live)
  • WWE Fast Lane, 3/5
  • NJPW 45 Anniversary Event, Night 1 3/6
  • ROH Wrestling, 3/6
  • WWE Monday Night Raw, 3/6
  • WWE SmackDown Live, 3/7
  • NJPW 45 Anniversary Event, Night 2 3/7
  • WWE NXT, 3/8
  • Impact Wrestling, 3/9
  • Chikara: Blink (if they upload it in time)

WWE Match of the Week:

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

WWE Monday Night Raw, 2/27

This wins for the sheer fact that Nia Jax got herself further up the ladder of the division by sheer domination. By using Sasha as a weapon, slamming her onto Bayley, and then winning with a damn leg drop, Ms. Not Like Most Girls got the elevation she deserves.

Also, points to Charlotte for being a terrible mentor to her protege Dana Brooke, by saying she’d rather tag with Nia.

Non-WWE Match of the Week:

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Timothy Thatcher (with Stokely Hathaway) for the Evolve Championship

Evolve 79, 2/25

As I explained here, the main event from Evolve 79 is a beauty. From the dueling chants to the pacing of strikes and submissions, I’m so glad I attended this match. Not much more I can say I haven’t said in that piece, and you should just watch it online.

Available on FloSlam.

WWE Segment of the Week:

We Now Cut Live from Bray Wyatt’s Sermon For…

WWE SmackDown Live, 2/28

Randy Orton befriended Bray Wyatt to inevitably turn on him because not only is that how Randall Keith Orton lives, it’s how wrestling works. Factions exist only to build talent up to one day go on their own or to start an amazing feud.

While I’m no fan of the weird raw meat and earthworms that WWE kept cutting the camera to, I loved everything about this. From Bray’s joyous cry of “RANDY!” upon seeing the man he sees as his friend to Orton revealing that Sister Abigail is buried under this compound building, it all works. It also reveals what Bray meant when he said Randy got the keys for surrendering his title shot.

Honorable Mentions: Miz TV featuring John Cena from the 2/28 SmackDown Live, most of the 2/27 Raw’s segments: Cesaro Knows Joe; Steph Almost Fires Mick Foley; Mick Knows Joe; Joe Is Here To Hurt People; Sami Attacks Joe; and yes, even Stop 1 on the Rollins Apology Tour

Non-WWE Segment of the Week:

Larry Dallas Stirs The Straw, Trouble in Catch Point

Evolve 79, 2/25

If you happened to notice me at any time during Evolve 79, it was during this segment where Satellite Radio Journalist Larry Dallas emerged. Dallas, who I love to hate, continued to stir the shit with Catch Point.

This segment is fantastic, though, because Fred Yehi’s finally had enough of Matt Riddle’s selfish bullshit. I wanted Yehi to win the title, but gaining a feud with Riddle (who’s as over as it gets in Evolve) works too.

Honorable Mention: Dissent in The Bullet Club from Honor Rising 2017 Night 1

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