So, here’s a playlist, with embeds as well. Not an end of year list, but something worth sharing.


“White people: your privilege lives in the fact that you can be outraged, horrified and upset about tonight. But you are not afraid.” – Jazmine Hughes

thought this was a super poignant, important quote. let’s keep reading and learning and not turn away as soon as the news cameras do. this stuff is insidious and disgustingly deep in the way the world works.

here is a master post of links to donate to Ferguson citizens & protestors. doooo it!

It took about 2 months, but I’ve finally gotten my new desk right.

A signed RTJ2 poster, Just the Tips by mattfractionblog and zdarsky, a lubchansky original, CM Punk & Lemongrab, a Fiona Apple postcard, a gridded paper pad as mousepad, and a coaster from Brewery Ommegang.

Oh, and a ridiculous view of New York City.