Remember that a Chechen is not a Czech, nor a Chetnik, nor a Moravian, a Moldavian/Moldovan, or a Monrovian. Nor a Roman, Roma, or Romanian.

A Chechen is not a Cheech, a Chesney or a Cheechako. A Chechen is not a cheese. A Chechen is not a Gretchen. A Chechen is not a chicken.

I’m sure there are some Chechen Gretchens, and some Chechen chickens and some chicken Chechens, but these don’t concern us.

Chechens are not choosy. They can be chummy, but then chintzy. Some are chubby. Culturally, they are cheeky chaps, and fairly chatty.

Chechens are good at stretchin’. Their dogs are good at fetchin’. Old Chechens are always kvetchin’ and their drunks are known for retchin’.

@johnroderick on twitter, a while ago, with a riff that I try to remember to avoid vague generalizations.

You so crazy, CHEA! CHEA! CHEA! CHEA!

Cam’ron, “More Gangsta Music.”

I wanna do bad, bad things to you.

Out of nowhere I have that theme song stuck in my head. Well,

I am a sinner, who’s probably gonna sin again.

K Dot