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iOS 7: With One Exception, I Say Update Today

Most people should update their iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 already*. The new edition of Apple’s mobile operating system has a lot of good ideas, and if you have a few moments to learn features such as the new way to multitask and the way to search the phone, you might as well download now and update all your apps.

Here are some great new features I’ll rattle off the top of my head:
• The easy access control panel.
• In Messages, hold and drag a message to the left to see time stamps for all, not just the items that the app thought to demarcate.
• Newsstand can finally be placed in an app folder.
• App folders can now hold unlimited apps.

There are two new facets that are drawbacks, but I can overlook them for the most part:
• Text/Objects on the left & right sides of the screen (see Music app) are too tightly set against the edge of the screen.
• The Camera app used to allow you to hold down the shutter, and only take a photo upon release. Now it just takes a bunch of photos.

But the big question to ask yourself is…

Do you get motion sickness easily?

Every time you move from the home screen to an app, from one app to another, or in and out of app folders, there is a strong push-in or zoom-out transition. I’m unfortunately a little prone to motion sickness, and this new way of things is only exacerbated by the fact I constantly move in and out of apps. This might sound nitpicky, but it’s really gotten in the way of what seems to be a really interesting and worthwhile update. I really hope Apple comes out with a Settings preference to reduce zoom/push effects.

* But first, connect your device to a computer and back up via iTunes.

Also? Contrary to a rumor I’ve seen going around, iOS 7 doesn’t break apps, in my experience. Some apps won’t support all iOS 7 features, but mine all open & work so far.