Two people to not vote for. The NYP is the kiss of death for me. If it was just Quinn vs. Danger, I’d vote Danger.

Few things on the Internet giveth and taketh away the way a read receipt does. An immediate read-and-response is immense validation, while a crucial message that has been read but not responded to is emotionally crushing—you can never pretend hard enough like you have better things to do than wait for a reply.

Read receipts are transitioning from a quirky, semi-invasive e-mail option to an always-on feature in messaging services like Facebook, but they aren’t always welcome. In many instances, they create a mild, uncomfortable social pressure—just enough to keep you talking a little longer than you might want.

Why I hate read receipts by Casey Johnston



yooo everybody. my mom and i were goofing around and found this seriously FUCKED UP site. all your information, (phone number, nam, address even) is available for 2.99. like everything. please watch this video on how to remove it. (im not sure if it’s there for minors, but if you’ve ever owned/rented a house you’re definitely there. it’s worth checking it out to make sure.)

video on how to remove information. :

fucked up website:

also, if you’ve lived in more than one place/state it has you multiple times, remove all of your profile things. (it had my mom 4 times, all over our state. even from when she lived in a house 9 years ago.)

psa over.

your information is on there, go remove it.

I make it easy to contact or find me, but this is ridiculous.