‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ site shows off robotic Sentinels and a very ’70s Peter Dinklage

Long ago, there was a time when not every science fictional company was granted its own in-universe web site. Well, those years are long expired, and X-Men: Days of Future Past is introducing us to Trask Industries, a friendly genetics company that will protect your children by crushing the congenitally ill under massive robot fists. Trask’s site doesn’t quite capture the sinister utopianism of Ridley Scott’s in-world Prometheus ads, but it offers plenty of clever nods at the plot of Days of Future Past, including footage of Peter Dinklage as the company’s founder and an in-depth explanation of the company’s anti-mutant “genetic security" devices. 

We ain’t care we didn’t sleep we was night owls
Insomniatics our lifestyles compatible

Cam’Ron – Get Down



1) There should be a no-fly-zone for what’s suitable to play at a wedding, and it begins with anything Rihanna made that could be tied to her time with Chris Brown, by which I am basically calling out last week’s DJ for “We Found Love.“ That song is loaded with more connotations than Chris Brown has restraining orders against him.

2) Nobody should ever leave a wedding thinking to themselves, “wait, why didn’t they play any Prince?” No songs by Prince at a wedding is a sin.

3) The music of the Black Eyed Peas is only suitable for weddings. I can accept it there. I won’t even frown. It works. It took me a while to reach this, and I didn’t get here easily, but it’s the new normal. Why, tho, you might ask? When I’ve seen it played at weddings, I realized it reached that ubiquity on pop radio that even all of the parents & elderly relatives may already know the beat, and if they don’t, they can figure it out in under thirty seconds. Also, at a wedding where either or both of the families involved are Jewish, that “mazel tov (l’chaim!)” part, it works every time.

4) “Gangnam Style" is a great wedding dance, we should accept this already. Get over ourselves.

5) If you want me to know the electric slide, we are no longer living in a world where it is common knowledge. Go back in time to the Mad Men episode, with the wedding where Roger wore blackface. Change the script so that’s the dance that Pete & Trudy know front-to-back. So go ahead and fucking play it, asshat.

And, to end on a helpful note, here are five songs to give to the DJ at your next wedding.

When you finally find a song that you’ve been searching for and … well, it’s not entirely the greatest thing ever, that’s annoying.