I’m enjoying wings enthusiasts’ reactions to that list, and the act of pointing them towards this.

Tomorrow, only Session 1: Noon to 3pm, is open.

3 hour open bar & all you can eat wings

Cost: $55 for General Admission Ticket.

See previous posts for participating restaurants. I believe based on last year’s events, each participants submits a vote for one wing purveyor. See SPONSORS for hints towards what booze will be on hand.


Even George W. Bush Is More Popular Than Mitt Romney

Bloomberg poll released this week finds 49 percent of likely voters see Bush unfavorably while 46 percent see him favorably. That beats Romney’s results — 50 percent see him unfavorably and 43 percent view him favorably, as the Dallas Morning News’ Tom Benning points out. This poll does not appear to be an outlier in showing Romney’s unpopularity.

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I mean, The Debates ARE TOTALLY GONNA CHANGE THAT! Right?!?!?