Above, Tina Fey perfectly describes the agony of trying to put in contact lenses, and thanks me (well, all men who bought this book). Which, I just finished.

Sure Bossypants was a quick read, but hey! I finished a book! Hasn’t happened in … much too long. I want to have a much more voracious appetite for books, and I’ve long wondered if having a Kindle could be a conduit to such a life, but I have given myself a challenge. If I can topple the stack of books I have had just sitting there in my room, books which I claim to have a great deal of interest in reading, then I can throw down the ducats for an e-reader come the end of 2012.[1] Also, I’d probably need to buy those books all over again, if I jumped the gun on the purchase but still wanted to read those books.

Super Sad True Love Story, which I’m already 100-something pages into, is the next pulp I have targeted to complete. It is to be followed by A Visit From The Good Squad.

But after that, what? You, dear reader, can up-vote what I should read next. I’ll learn how to set that up. A photo of the stack of books, covers hard and soft (mostly hard), is en route to this forum soon.

[1] It could be said that this project is some sort of new year’s resolution, on top of the other two, already in the chamber, which are far from set in the strict language that such declarations are typically couched in. I’m giving myself room for error, because these goals are neither simple or new to me.

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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