before you tell me what I can and can’t do

Today at work, someone indignantly said this to someone else. How I didn’t call them “John Locke” afterwards, I’ll never know.

2 Things

  1. The new tumblr post-selection-UI is balls.
  2. I’m really killing today, but it’s killing me too.

Ever since Party Down, nothing hits harder than sad/bad news face from Lizzy Caplan (or, of course, Adam Scott, not pictured here).

Mr. & Mrs. Only God Can Judge Me: Chris Brown is a horrible excuse for a human being, but Rihanna might be a complete and utter asshole.

A possible title of the piece I’m working on to publish here on my Tumblr. Title inspired by this piece Jill just reblogged. Alternate title: “These Two Deserve Each Other”

Agreed, and thanks for posting that ask/reply, because that is how I found her! She’s the latest Follow find of mine.