sometimes life has a way of hitting you in the face with a sack filled with a building’s worth of bricks

my uncle, Patrick Casey, has passed.

he had been fighting goodpasture’s syndrome for more than a year, but his health had been moving in the positive direction. nothing but good news.

until my dad just called me over to sit with him and he told me the news.

and now we are just here.

and i’m just fighting through tears trying to write this down.

postscript: he was loved by many and will be missed by them all. I visited him frequently this past winter. I want to see him again.

I wish I could live through this without blogging about it, like a normal person or something.

Thanks again to Elijah aka for reminding me about the true source for Punch Somebody Music: the Mash Out Posse.

Capital: Dear media, please call it rape


Greg Kelly, son of NYC police commissioner Raymond Kelly and co-host of “Good Day New York” on Fox 5, is being investigated for sexually assaulting a woman. Yet the headline that just came up in my news feed was this:

The media needs to call sexual assault what it…

A lot of things to unpack here. Not the least of which that mental midget Greg Kelly is the son of Supercop himself Ray Kelly?? How the hell …

but yes, agreeing with Capital: rape is rape is rape. 

Capital: Dear media, please call it rape


It’s the most you can do. Taking stock of what needs to be done. Acknowledging what’s possible from here. A script.

[Crank on all of that. Do it, but don’t linger. Get that done because revision is where many of us find the magic, and I’m not even getting to that here. And revision takes time, which needs to be allotted, set aside.]

The better all that is, the more likely Action and Focus can meet their definitions, instead of the words you use in your regrets.