Another year done, eh?

I found what appears to be a photo of me at the New Year’s Eve Party I went to not last year, but the year before.

And guess what? The kid’s been losing some weight.

Sure, holiday junk food has been trying to reverse this trend, but with the big new year’s resolution I’ve got coming up (no more schmoke), I think things are only going to get better.

That is, if they are getting better.¬†And for right now, I finally think that’s the case.

Expect that year in inside jokes post sometime soon. I’m finally on vacation for fuck’s sake, and for once am going to act like it. Gonna play some video games, damn it.

And I’d rather have you pissed off at me and alive than liking me and dead.

Glenn, The Walking Dead – 207, “Pretty Much Dead Already”


The problem with trouble is that it stays with you. Trouble only exists as a lack of resolution. Trouble doesn’t unclench. You can press yourself to accept it, but trouble doesn’t like inaction. Trouble is a feats of strength-style test. Trouble can set you up. Only you can allow it to take you down. The worst kind of trouble is deeply rooted in the truth. It’s pesky, and that makes it scary. True trouble comes from within, and cannot be blamed on someone else.

My troubles are my own fault. I just make the best decisions available to me. No decision is not an option, though, I decided somewhere down the line.

Even though it’s about 50% kids on this line, it’s a cooler group of people than on most lines.