After all, history itself may be nothing more than an endless grand-scale game where some built walls only for others to tear them down; the better the former become at wall-building the braver the latter get at wall-tearing. The sharpening of these skills must be what we call progress.

I try and not do any emo blogging on here … so let me break that trend.

The last week or so has not been easy at all. Sort of seen myself at moments I’m tagging as “Not My Finest”.

Thankfully – pardon the pun – Thanksgiving was good to me. Never forgetting that.

But aside from that I’ve had a hard time keeping a smile on my face. My uncle’s been back in the hospital. Same problems as why he was there before. I’ve visited him three days in a row, now that I can.

I’ve got a lot to look forward to this week, but good news about his health would be better than anything I’ve got planned.

My best wishes for you and yours. Remember to never take anything for granted.

What happened to being thankful for what we have?

So we spend a day being thankful for what we have, just to wake up at the crack of dawn to rush out in packs of ruthless consuming SPEND SPEND SPEND robots? That must the fastest way to lose sight of a lesson learned. Ever. Or at least since we threw post 9-11 unity out the window in exchange for xenophobia.

I am likely to be the billionth person to have this thought, I know.