Wolverine doesn’t go easy on his kid in a snowball fight. Unless you count “Not using his claws” as going easy. 

Paparazzi are evil and all, but this is a great well timed photo. High 

Interview w Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer

NYMag: What is it about Pixar?
Mortimer: I don’t know! They gave a me a glass of wine and sushi at the end, and I remember thinking This is amazing, I love this place, and I never want to leave. But there’s this central atrium where everyone has to pass through it at least once a day and it’s all about being with the people that you’re working with, and not just the people you’re working with on a daily basis. There’s this amazing coffee shop and this delicious food and they all sort of sit and chill and hang, and then I got showed around the offices, and each animator and designer is allowed to build his own office space.

Interview w Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer


Back in the library with my Stanley ready to drink up some new knowledge. Don’t forget: if you are in the library you should leave proof at Books at Bard. Otherwise NO ONE will believe you. This way you can show your Mom. 

If only we had booksatbard back in 2006.