Tonight, I’ll be hosting an event at The Strand bookstore in New York with the geniuses of Free Darko to discuss their fantastic new book, The Undisputed Guide To Pro Basketball History. My goal is to stay out of the way and let them talk. You should come. Here are the details:

Strand Bookstore
828 Broadway (Broadway and 12th street)
7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

I wrote an ode to Free Darko’s greatness at NY Mag yesterday. The book is much better than that ode. Come, be free.

If my neck doesn’t kill me and the caffeine keeps me awake through 7pm, I’ll be there at the Strand. May be a bit late. Hoping @collin_orcutt aka http://collinorcutt.tumblr.com/ can make it out of work in time for this.

Journalism wish list

Aside from a paying gig in the industry, what I want is a competent feature length article where the author has zero bias, about the middle east conflict. it’s the topic i’ve tried over time to purposefully know the least about, and I’m done with that.