I repeat: what is a “news analyst,” really? I don’t think anyone has any idea: across NPR, within its vast listenership, or among the participants in the public controversy still swirling around Juan Williams. It is almost a content-less category. In fact “analysis” as NPR is using it here has a meaning so obscure, tendentious and peculiar to the culture of professional journalism that the vacuous and tautological statements I’ve quoted are probably the network’s better option.

NPR News Analyst? How Juan Williams Got Fired

Post-NYC-related Post Season

For the city of New York, baseball is no longer a thing that’s going on, according to a nonexistent informal survey I’ve just made up, but am pretty sure of. If we are lucky enough to see a Giants vs Rangers world series, then, we are all Giants.

Early this AM, around 12:20 to be precise, The F train returning to Manhattan from Park Slope was dead quiet, that is until the Delancey stop. A pack of drunkards infiltrated each of the doors. One picked a fight with a stranger that quickly degenerated into a “Really?! Calm Down! Shut Up!”-off.

Tonight, I’m finally starting Super Sad True Love Story.