Thanks for the warning



High on my list of worries:

Be very cautious whose posts you “like”, because your fellow tumblrists can edit their posts after you’ve liked them. This is especially precarious if you tumbl under your own name, as I do. Last night, I “liked” a post entitled “Golden retriever saved in dramatic river rescue”. When I woke up I was shocked to find my name under a post entitled ” 6 million – my ass!” Sad but true: over night I had become a HOLOCAUST DENIER!!!!! Don’t find out the hard way!

 WHAT ABOUT REBLOGGING?! Whatever, nothing’s going to happen, and even if it did, people would just assume that shifting from all caps to a mix is would be too obvious a sign that my words have been edited. So more about me? I’ve been using this tumblr to spread lies upon lies. Like that I am literate. You know, big secret: I don’t actually own any books. Never going to either. Why bother! I lead a fulfilling life as head writer for CSI: Miami. ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT…

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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